Launch your App & Website

Why settle for anything less now? Why wander between different vendors when you can get your website and white-labeled application,
the right tool to create and maintain your online presence for your immigration business, now in just one click you can get your business website,
white-labeled application, and business listing. We at F&C understand the hassles and we brought every right tool under one roof.

Informative Business Website

Now Get a Dynamic WordPress Website with the Ability to Edit and Manage Website Content Like a Pro, Super Lite, and a Responsive Layout with a SEO Friendly Approach for the Betterment of Your Business by Getting It Listed on Search Engines in No Time, So Get Your Website of 8-10 Pages at a Very Low Cost.


White-labeled Mobile Application

It's time to upgrade your technology and provide your customers with the advantages of associating with a brand like yours. Get all the information listed on your app and provide the best achievements that can represent the results of your business. Furthermore, we will be providing the facility to track any customer file status through the app as well.


Should we Buy Both?

It's time to invest in the right tool, Having a better tool and a better way to present your immigration business in today's era is very important, so don't step back
in showing your clients your presence and provide them with the best usage of technology to ease their way of coordinating during the entire process of contact.
So without any further delay, today's minimal investment can assure you maximum results. It's time to look into the low-cost manufacturing of your current item.


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