Smart and Efficient Management!

Find and Consult is completely made to Assist the Immigration Business by Synchronizing into their day-to-day routine without making things more haywire, Our Management System consists of a Lead management System and a Customer Management System with a cherry on top of providing a solution for your Customers to get their Process tracked and previewed. So Why, manage all the processes in three different places when everything can be done in one spot with much more efficiency with Less manual Intervention

Lead Management

Managing the Leads from start to conversion

Customer Management

maintaining the Customer profile till the process Completes

User Tracking

Helping to keep your Customers to Stay Updated on the Flow.


Lead Management System

In today's time Generating leads is a very important task to run a business but a more crucial and efficient way of increasing or leading your Business is to manage each lead in a better way and Synchronized method, So Lead Management System is a very essential tool for managing your Leads, as it Provides you the ability to add many Users to manage your Leads for your Immigration Business more and moreover, helps you to start ahead by showing you the right reports and Analytics for the monitoring the process and the Quality of leads. So Every activity done on a lead will be recorded in Log and will be served to you in a form of reports for Analysis. As well as providing you with further help until your lead is not converted into a Customer.


Now it's very easy to Insert a lead and track the lead profile till its last status with the help of Our Platform


The right tool that works as a lead Funnel for your business, So Analysis of the Activities on the Follow up Leads


Tracking and evaluating the Leads to understand the Lead Journey and the ROI on the Leads Generated.


Customer Relationship Management

After Converting a Lead, this is where your customer gets into your clientele, so handling the Customer with complete professionalism is very important, This Tool Helps your leads to be converted into a Customer and Maintain a Customer Profile that helps your team to be on one page even while dealing with the customer in the absence of the Customer Handling manager. As well as tracks down the entire information of the client and brings information onto one table.


Creating a Summerized profile to manage information for a smooth transition of the flow.


Maintaining all the details updated by the Employees for maintaining a Logbook and clarity.


analyzing the customer flow and letting the customer stay updated on each required Info.


Lead tracking

A Unique method that is been enabled to keep transparency between you and your customer whose visa process is been initiated for a better client
handling experience to keep the clients in the light with the help of previewing them there profile with Status Logs that give them clarity on what's going on
there visa filling and when to expect the result without interacting with the customer many times